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LIST | 7 rugby players fans love to hate most!

4. Mike Brown

In his own words, the fullback is a ‘marmite player’ with fans either loving or hating him. A skinhead who enjoys confrontation is not the traditional mould for an England No15.

3. Dan Biggar

Such a talented player, such an uncompromising competitor, but moans and berates the referee like a child.

2. Calum Clark

Described on reddit by fans as ‘absolute trash’. His reputation never recovered after he deliberately broke Rob Hawkins arm with lots of fans wanting him to be banned for life.

1. Owen Farrell

Farrell fits the label “our guy” better than most, meaning you love to hate him unless he’s in your squad. Then you’d go to the end’s of the earth to defend him. High shoulders become textbook tackles, so on, and so forth.

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