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LIST: 9 Things you need to know before travelling to Japan

4. There is no tipping culture in Japan

The price on the bill is the price you pay. In some circumstances if you pay a tip, the server who you tipped will chase you down with the money you left over insisting you take it. In professions like hairdressing, taxi driving and massaging, the workers are generally paid by the hour and don’t depend on tips.

5. Metro systems don’t run around the clock

Depending on where you are in the country you’ll find that in many locations buses will stop early in the morning and trains will stop shortly before midnight. If you do miss the final train you will have to catch a taxi, but it comes at a cost; taxis add a late-night surcharge of roughly 20% between the hours of 10pm and 5am. Japanese people usually stay in a capsule hotel when partying, so a word of advice is stay local to your hotel when dining out or going for a late-night explore of the city or town you’re in.

6. Speak quietly in public

As the saying goes ‘silence is golden’ and this is definitely the case in Japan. Everyone in Japan is always aware of the fact that they are sharing the space with others. It is always a good idea to remember to keep your conversations quiet and avoid having vulgar/crude conversations, and it’s considered polite not to make calls on your mobile phone when using public transport for the sake of those around you.