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LIST: Five Rugby Players Who Definitely Regretted Transfers

After completing a big transfer, most rugby players expect to be happy at their new team.

Whether they have moved to compete for trophies or boost their chances of winning international honours, the majority of players have a big say in the team that they are transferred to.

Despite this, a number of high profile rugby players have found themselves frustrated at their new team and actually regret ever making their dream move (if they go through with it at all).

Here are five examples of players whose high profile transfer to a new team has not worked out as planned.

#1. Carl Fearns 

Regretted this move so much he never made it.

In November 2017, the back-row forward became the first confirmed arrival by Gloucester for the 2017/18 season with director of rugby David Humphreys saying the signing was “a statement of intent” from the Cherry and Whites.

However, in March 2017 there were reports in France emerged that Lyon were trying to convince Fearns to sign a new deal with them. Gloucester responded by releasing a statement, saying that they turned down an approach from Lyon to release Fearns from his contract.

Then in April it was reported in the national press that it is “unlikely” that  the number 8 will play for Gloucester next season. There were even reports that England head coach Eddie Jones had got involved to convince Fearns to join Gloucester but he was unsuccessful.

Finally, in June, it was confirmed that Fearns would not be joining Gloucester and will stay at Lyon. CEO Stephen Vaughan said: “Naturally the club took the best legal advice on the situation, but as soon as it became apparent the player wanted to remain in France efforts immediately turned to get the best possible deal for the club to allow us to move on in a stronger position.”


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