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LIST | The top 5 rivalries in world rugby ranked

Matches between rivals are some of the most enthralling on the calendar. But, what is the biggest rugby rivalry in the world?

We have put our necks on the line and attempted to rank them, from five down to one.

5. Georgia vs. Russia

Glasnost is put on the back-burner and though not a high profile as some Test matches, there’s very little love lost in the 18 games these two have played since their inaugural clash in 1993. It gets violent at times.

Before the end of the Soviet Union many of the early clashes involved team-mates but it didn’t prevent frequent bouts of fisticuffs and to date Russia have just one win and 21 defeats to their name against the Georgians.

Games attract crowds in excess of 50,000 and with Russia ploughing more money into developing rugby, don’t expect the rivalry to end any time soon. Keep an eye on this one!


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