Mike Tindall defends Joe Marler over ‘cheeky’ fondle of Alun Wyn Jones’ genitals - Ruck

Mike Tindall defends Joe Marler over ‘cheeky’ fondle of Alun Wyn Jones’ genitals

Mike Tindall has called for ‘calm heads’ after Joe Marler was cited for grabbing Alun Wyn Jones’ genitals during England’s Six Nations victory over Wales.

‘I’m old school so this has got to take a very balanced view,’ Tindall told TalkSport.

‘The problem is he’s getting drawn into a law in the rulebook that is now 12 weeks. He could get banned for 12 weeks.

‘This is something that wasn’t malice. He winds people up all day long. Now Alun Wyn Jones has been renowned for winding people up in his whole career. ‘

What he says is a very valid point. If he hits him or gets angry with him he’ll probably get disciplined or a yellow card or reverse penalty or whatever but Joe is just having a bit of a laugh.


‘It’s happened all the way through my rugby career whether that’s right or wrong – that’s a different thing.

‘We’re talking about a sport where you do anything just to try and get a little edge on someone – and it’s not malice, it’s a wind-up.

‘I would love us just to move on from it.’

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