Never Above the Law: 9 Times Rugby Players Were Arrested

7.Gordon Langkilde

The Samoa 7’s star was charged with assault after an altercation that left Wales’ Tom Williams in the tunnel with broken facial bones and two other players injured. He was forced pay compensation to the victims and withdraw from playing all rugby for a year.

8. Tony Neary

The England international, who won 43 caps between 1971 and 1980, was jailed for theft in February 1998 after admitting stealing money from a trust fund of millionaire friend John Gorna. After his release, he commented on living in London since his release – recently said: “I don’t follow rugby any more, I’m just looking to get on with my life.”

9. Rhian Nokes

The former Wales women’s rugby player has been jailed for seven years after being convicted of sexual activity with an underage girl. Rhian Nokes, 29, had been working as school’s sports coach in south Wales in 2010 when she started a relationship with the pupil.


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