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“Never meet your heroes” – Worst Rugby Player Encounters Ever, Ranked

BEST: Lawrence Dallaglio (England):

One fan wrote: “I’ve worked with Dellaglio for BT Sport, and afterwards we went out for drinks in Cardiff (Summer Sevens.)

“Top bloke; refused to let anyone else buy drinks and had a few photos with fans who’d travelled down to Cardiff for the Sevens.”

BEST: Chris Ashton (England):

Another commented: “Surprisingly Chris Aston was pretty cool. I met him right after the game where he was punched by Manu, and had a huge blow in the side of his head with stitches.

“He came out of the locker room and was all smiles and chatting with Tigers fans and taking pictures (Here’s the pic http://imgur.com/IipyU3y). I asked him about the incident and he said something along the lines of “nahhh, it’s rugby, its all good”. I was surprised, I would have been in a horrible mood.”

BEST: Sean Fitzptrick (New Zealand):

One fan wrote: “I saw him in the stands just after he started working for Sky Sport in the UK right after the 2001 RWC NZ v SA quarter final while with my father. My dad wanted a photo (which he was very happy to help out with). Straight away Dad asked if he’d mind if he could do the same, but with me in the photo.

“The camera crew were telling Sean that he was to go on air in 30 seconds (or something), to which he said “tell them we can’t go on”.
I said to Sean something along the lines of “Don’t worry… do your thing” to which he said “Nah mate. Lets do this”.

“The crew were telling him to hurry up, I kept saying ‘Its ok..’ and he kept saying “Nah its fine”.
The final count down was counted down and Sean didn’t move. We took the photo, we had a chat for a quick minute about the game and the result, then I watched him step in front of the camera and apologise for the delay due to “technical difficulties”.”