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“Never meet your heroes” – Worst Rugby Player Encounters Ever, Ranked

WORST: George Gregan (Australia):

One fan said: “Was about 12 around new years 03/04 and saw George Gregan at Manly or Bondi can’t remember which. Anyway had my rugby ball handy and ran in to a newsagent to get a pen then ran over to Gregan and asked for an autograph to which he promptly told me to fuck off.

“Being a big fan of his back then I was devasted. My aunty had to pretty much tackle my uncle who wanted to give him a tune up. At 6ft4 and 110kg and playing nrl he would have done some damage.

“ow that I think about it he was probably there to enjoy the beach with his family and didn’t have time for a lanky out of breath kiwi kid asking to sign his grubby ball.”

WORST: Jeremy Guscott (England):

“I stood outside of the team hotel during the 1993 tour of NZ waiting to get autographs as they left from dinner. I got ALL players, management and support staff’s autographs except Guscott’s.

“When I asked for his, he laughed and walked away. I got talking to Ieuan Evans (Welsh winger) about his tour, and he asked to see what players signatures I needed. When I said Guscott, he told he me he was a “wanker” and not to worry about him.”

A second fan wrote: “Arrogant prick who thinks he owns bath. Met him a few times and none have been good, haven’t met anyone who has said differently.”

Another said: “Guscott was on the plane sitting next to my sister when we were going to Rome to watch a 6Ns match a few years ago. He just straight up blanked anyone who tried to talk to him. I know it must be annoying but no need to be rude.”

Jeremy Guscott – Photo Mandatory by-line: Jan Kruger/Pinnacle – Tel: +44(0)1363 881025 – Mobile: 0797 1270 681 – 21/03/2009 – SPORT – RUGBY – RBS 6 Nations, ENGLAND V SCOTLAND, TWICKENHAM, LONDON