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New awesome way to watch rugby

During the London installment of the HSBC World Sevens Series, you may notice a large contraption catapulting members of the public up and down the touchline.

That contraption is called the Samsung Slider and it’s a state of the art four-person mobile seating unit that is giving fans the opportunity to get closer to the action.

“From a fan’s point of view, if I was following the game, it would be the best way to watch it,” said England fly-half George Ford.

“It’s very exciting to be sat in here with your mates and be as close to the play as possible. I was really impressed.

“I think the players will also find it really interesting, seeing the Slider going up and down next to them with four people on it having a good time is something that has never been done at a stadium in England.

“I’m sure they’ll want a go themselves.”

This is the first time anything like this has been offered in the UK, with the Slider being used across the 45-match schedule at Twickenham this weekend.