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New Zealand media lays into England and ‘rubbish’ Six Nations match

A journalist was in New Zealand was left less than impressed by yesterday’s Guinness Six Nations clash in Cardiff.

“The good news for the All Blacks is that England, by popular demand the team most likely to dethrone the double World Cup champions, are a one dimensional team, or even half dimensional on a bad day?” wrote Chris Rattue for the New Zealand Herald – READ HIS FULL PIECE HERE.

“England’s World Cup stocks will have fallen after the Welsh Six Nations triumph in Cardiff, a win that is being trumpeted as something grander than it really was.

“In the end, Wales won by default. England kind of handed it to them, bleeding penalties and losing the very impressive Courtney Lawes to injury as the heat went on.

“It can be hard to work out if a match in Cardiff is good or bad with all that amazing singing going on. All the statistical analysis in the world can’t relay what an all-consuming atmosphere gives any sport. England’s supporter even got a couple of “Sweet Chariots” in. The Six Nations is very special.


“But strip away the occasion and you would have to say that world rugby is not in a great state if the two sides on show, the way they played, might actually be the best in the world.

“Physically, it was one hell of a battle and terrific to watch. Wales v England was a great occasion. But as the match wore on, the rugby itself felt very ordinary.”


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