Nigel Owens brilliantly responds to online criticism about car advert with ‘bear’

Popular Welsh referee Nigel Owens was forced to defend himself for taking place in the widely enjoyed Citroen adverts during the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Twitter user Katie Marshall suggested the inclusion of a ‘bear’ in the car advert promoted animals being made to perform “demeaning and unnatural tricks to entertain the public”.

Owens responded, saying: “Kate with all due respect, please use a bit of common sense. Its a man in a bears suit.

“I would never involve myself in anything like this if it was a real bear. You’ll be telling us not to support the wonderful children in need charity next because of Pudsey Bear.”

Katie then responded with this statement.

Nigel simply responde: “Don’t claw yourself into a bigger hole now. Have a good day x”

Owens, who is the currently the world record holder of the most test matches refereed, also said on Instagram the criticism showed “the world’s gone mad”.

Think it’s fair to say Nigel won this one.


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