Nigel Owens defends Dan Biggar over 'blatant' foul play - Ruck

Nigel Owens defends Dan Biggar over ‘blatant’ foul play

Nigel Owens has defended Wales fly-half Dan Biggar after footage emerged of the Wales fly-half seemingly getting away with an ugly clearout against Italy.

The popular Welshman has defended the incident, saying: “No foul play for me. This is why we need to keep players on their feet it avoids situations like this then. If there is foul play then of course it’s no excuse but in this occasion he is legally trying to counter ruck.”

When challenged, he continued: “I am not arguing if you think it’s a penalty but the player is off his feet, so first offence is a penalty against . Stop players sealing off and we eliminate a lot of un-needed risk of head contact.”

Fans seem to be split over the incident in Rome, which you can watch below.


One fan wrote: “He has got away with one. That’s lined him up and shoulder to head I think.”

But another added: “No idea where you are seeing a headshot to be honest, his head moves with the rest of his body.”

He’s a different level,’ – Nigel Owens picks his four nailed on Lions

1. Alun Wyn Jones (Wales)

  • Age: 35
  • Position: Second-row

Nigel Owens said: “The words great and legend are bandied around far too frequently when it comes to our sports stars, but they most certainly each apply in the case of him.”


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