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Nigel Owens responds to fans criticism after accusations of ‘cheating’

Nigel Owens has spoken for the first time in the wake of his handling of Saturday’s Six Nations Championship clash between Scotland and England at Murrayfield.

BBC TV star Nick Knowles was among those who slated Owens for his performance in Murrayfield accusing him of ‘trying to avenge’ Wales’ Six Nations loss to England in round two.

And yesterday Owens told Brian Moore’s Full Contact podcast on the Daily Telegraph website while he can handle people criticising his performances, he cannot deal with accusations of cheating or bias.

“One thing that really, really gets me going is when people accuse a referee of being a cheat,” said Owens.

“If someone has a go at me on social media because he didn’t like my performance or decisions, and sometimes they are correct, that’s fine.

“I will never block anyone on Twitter for thinking I didn’t referee well. What I do block people for is if they call a referee a cheat or accuse them of bias.

“If somebody says that, they’re gone and blocked.”


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  1. william Armstrong

    Each of us are biassed towards our own team and in the heat of a game decisions can seen to go more to one side than the other . Referees are human and make mistakes ,. Nigel Owens is without doubt one of the finest referees in the game at this current time and I would not question his integrity , I would however say I thought the policing of the rucks did appear uneven , but I certainly dont think the man is a cheat. The best team won on the day as they showed more passion and drive.

  2. Gordon

    To my mind Nigel Owens was Faultless. The video evidence proved that each time. As for bias I don’t agree with that either. Advantage should always go with the attacking team. Scotland attacked at the counter ruck England didn’t want to match them or go further. The result was fair and the best team won

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