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Nigel Owens responds to criticism from Sir Clive Woodward

Nigel Owens addresses Sir Clive Woodward’s criticism and reveals why he missed that red card tackle on Owen Farrell.

“Last weekend, someone drew to my attention a few comments from Sir Clive Woodward which attracted a lot of publicity. You can read them in full here,”  wrote Owens in his column for Wales Online.

“The incident in question was the one when Argentina’s Tomas Lavanini caught Owen Farrell with a shoulder to the head.

“Sir Clive questioned why the incident hadn’t been seen in the first place. I admit I didn’t see such a contact in real time.

“Some people argue, “You’re the referee – you should see such things.”

“Well, that assumes we have a perfect view every time. I was looking at the Lavanini incident from the opposite side to the angle shown on television. All I could see was a collision, an arm coming round and missing Farrell’s head. From where I was, you couldn’t see the shoulder connecting.


“Perhaps the best way of illustrating what happened it is to think of people in the stadium.

“Those sitting on the same side as the shoulder contact maybe would have seen it, while those across the field would not have seen it.

“Like I say, a referee doesn’t see everything. If people are watching on TV at home, they will see a different picture or angle, perhaps, from the man in the middle, who might be around the opposite side. He’s not getting the same view.”