"For Clive Woodward To Come Out And Say That Is Just Completely Wrong." - Ruck

Peter Stringer blasts Sir Clive Woodward tweet

Ireland legend Peter Stringer has said that he found Clive Woodward’s comments “strange” regarding Australian winger Reece Hodge’s three-match ban.

The World Cup-winning coach tweeted that the decision was: “totally wrong decision” and that it “will have huge implications for the tournament – for me this is a yellow card and no more”.

He added: “Has any of those making this decision ever tried stopping someone as powerful as Yato by wrapping their arms around him? Good luck if you try that!”

But on Irish TV, Peter Stringer responded in style.

“For Clive Woodward to come out and say that is just completely wrong.

“I found it bizarre for him to say that if a guy is strong and powerful, it’s not possible to wrap your arms around him, and best of luck to the guy that tries to do that.

“You still can’t take the law into your own hands. The laws of the game are set out by World Rugby and you have to stick by that.

“In my mind, there’s no arguing that it’s a red card. Find a way, no matter what way it is, legally to bring a guy down, you go low, you drop your body height.

“You still have to make an attempt the way we all do as kids and the way you teach people to go at the right body height. You can’t say that because a guy is running at you and he’s more powerful that it gives you licence to tackle as you want. That just cannot be the way.”



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