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A Premier League XV – an international rugby team made up of footballers

It’s the question everyone is asking: what would a rugby team made up of Premier League footballers look like?

OK, it’s not. But admit it: with the Six Nations entering its fourth round of fixtures., the idea of chucking Premier League footballers into a rugby line-up is an intriguing one.

It’s also not quite as ludicrous as it sounds. Each of the 15 positions on a rugby team requires a very different set of skills – and we reckon certain players possess the necessary attributes for certain roles.

Don’t believe us? Read on…

Fullback: Seamus Coleman – Ireland 

Steely, speedy and calm on the ball. Coleman is definitely the guy to get you out of a tight spot defensively. Ideal full-back material.

Winger: Raheem Sterling – England

One word: SPEED.

Centre: Eric Dier – England 

Outside centres have to be quick, powerful, able to run away from people, bring others into play and finish off moves.Tick, tick tick, tick and tick for the versatile Spurs man.

Centre: Fraser Forster – England

In rugby, the 12 tend to be a big fella with safe hands. He can also crash through people with the ball in hand and knock opponents over when required. Step forward Southampton’s 6ft 7in man mountain/goakeeper.

Winger: Jamie Vardy – England 

Surprisingly quick and runs all day. Also – and we can’t overstate the importance of this in the hypothetical rugby world – years of non-league football mean he’s clearly learned how to handle himself.