Premiership Rugby Shield launched and fixtures released

Premiership Rugby has today confirmed that while we look forward to the all-new Gallagher Premiership Rugby season there are also exciting changes underway elsewhere as last year’s A League becomes the Premiership Rugby Shield.

Back in April, Northampton Wanderers became back-to-back champions in the competition after beating Exeter Braves at Franklin’s Gardens and will no doubt want to make it three in a row this season.

This year’s competition will consist of two conferences of six teams and with the fixtures to be released today we spoke to the rugby director at Premiership Rugby, Phil Winstanley, for an update.

Premiership Rugby Shield: 2018-19

Two pools – 6 teams in the North and 7 in the South

  • Each Club in the North pool to play home and away against the other Clubs in the pool. The top two teams in the pool will progress to the semi-finals.
  • Clubs in the South pool will play home OR away against the other Clubs in the pool.

Clubs who finish in the top 5  in the South pool after these 6 games will play a further 4 games against each other on a home OR away basis in a second phase mini-league.

  • The two Clubs who finish in 1st and 2nd places following this second phase competition will progress to the semi-finals.
  • Clubs who finish 6th and 7th in this Southern pool will play each other home and away.


To see the Premiership Rugby Shield fixtures click here
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