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QUIZ: Which iconic rugby captain are you?

The captain of any side is quite possibly the most important player in the starting XV.

The captain has to be a player with a unique set of characteristics that can lead his country when times are good or, more importantly, when they are tough.


Captains come with all different personalities but as long as he is well respected, then a quiet captain that leads by example can be as successful as a loud talkative captain.

Over the years, there have been some iconic club captains that will forever remain part of their respective countries history.


Some iconic skippers that come to mind include the likes of Martin Johnson, Richie McCaw, Paul O’Connell, and Willie John McBride.

They were all instrumental to their individual countries’ success and affected the team in different ways.

RUCK have compiled a Q&A algorithm to try and detect which iconic rugby captain you most resemble on and off the pitch. Let us know who you get…

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