Ranked! The eight best International Rugby teams of ALL-TIME

Ranked! The eight best International Rugby teams of ALL-TIME

We’ve had our arguments, and now bring you our list of the greatest teams – international – of all time.

We’ve been thinking about running down the greatest sides of all-time for some time on RUCK.co.uk.

So, each armed with our personal favourites, we gathered in a darkened room one evening to narrow things down. Deliberations continued long into the night.

As ever, let us know what you think on Twitter (@ruckrugby) or our Facebook page. Let the arguing commence! 


8. New Zealand – 1987

They were head and shoulders above anything the world had seen. It was the amateur age – professionalism has since allowed others to close the gap. They were by spirit, if not in the wallet, professionals so they had a clear advantage over players who were doing it for love.

It was the New Zealand of John Gallagher, John Kirwan, Grant Fox, Wayne Shelford and Sean Fitzpatrick – they were the masters of the game at that time.
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7. South Africa – 1995

Francois Pienaar’s South Africa achieved something extraordinary in the way they united a nation at such a delicate time in the country’s history.

They also showed huge resolve as they defied the odds to beat huge favourites New Zealand in extra time of the final.
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