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RANKED: England’s 5 Worst Individual Performances In World Cup history

3. Jonathan Webb vs Wales (1987)

England was abysmal as they were knocked out of the inaugural 1987 Rugby World Cup by neighbours Wales, suffering a 16-3 defeat.

Jonathan Webb had been England’s star man at the tournament so far, meaning his drop in performance was particularly notable. He fell off tackles as Wales ran in three tries while fumbling several very decent counter-attack opportunities.

2. Jonny Wilkinson vs France (2011)

Now we cast our mind back to 2011 when England was dumped out 19-12in the quarter-finals against France. It was a tournament too far for Wilkinson, who received considerable criticism after the game.

Paul Ackford of the Telegraph rated Wilkinson’s performance a 3/10 and commented: His touch and confidence have both gone. Almost a liability now.”

His pool stage performances compounded the misery with the once world-class kicker converting just 45% of his kicks at goal. Not the swansong he deserved.