RANKED | Sir Ian McGeechan Picks His Top 5 Lions of all-time

Double series winner as British & Irish Lions head coach, Sir Ian McGeechan highlights his top five Lions of all-time.

5. Willie John McBride

“He was my captain and was so instrumental in that your in 74 in South Africa.”

4. Jason Leonard (England)

“Leonard has to be in there for me. I’ve often called him the ultimate Lion for not what he gave behind the scenes as well as on the field.”

3. J.P.R Williams (Wales)

“He had a big impact.on my game in Test matches. There’s never been a player quote him since.”


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2. Martin Johnson (England)

“I put his name down and moved on. It was as simple as that. Exceptional.”

1. Gareth Edwards (Wales)

“I think for me being around in in the 70s was a privilege,..hewas the best player I ever saw,”


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5. Jason Robinson (England)

“He made such an impact on the game when moving from rugby league. He had dazzling feet that meant he so often beat the first defender and, like most top wingers, you could play off him as well as him being such a devastating finisher.”


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