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RANKED | The 5 best rugby stadiums in the world

Popular rugby journalist Brendan Gallagher has reached the conclusion of his rankings of the best rugby stadiums for The Rugby Paper.

It’s fair to say, there are one or two surprising picks.

We’ll have our own look through his top five, but to read the full article head over and subscribe to the UK’s best-selling rugby publication, on-sale every Sunday.


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5. Twickenham Stadium

What he said: “Brilliant viewing lines for all 82,000 fans, comfortable seats, good facilities. It’s where big stuff happens, World Cup finals and semi-finals, Heineken Cup finals, Premiership finals, huge England matches.”

What we think: England’s headquarters might frustrate with its stuffiness, while other home nations justifiably complain of an overbearing arrogance from the home supporters, but there is no quibbling with the history or scale of the old cabbage patch. No best rugby stadiums list would be complete without Twickenham.


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