"Reduce lengthy stoppages" - World Rugby confirm the introduction of 'orange card concept' - Ruck

“Reduce lengthy stoppages” – World Rugby confirm the introduction of ‘orange card concept’

World Rugby continues to be open to innovations or technology that have the potential to assist officiating, enhance game flow and advance welfare in line with the key outcomes of the recent Shape of the Game conferences.

The Television Match Official (TMO) Bunker is a concept that reflects that mission, having the potential to reduce lengthy stoppages and promote accurate decision-making for foul play, as evidenced in the current Super Rugby Pacific trial.

While continuing to consult with stakeholders on this topic, World Rugby can confirm that it will operate a TMO Bunker trial at the World Rugby U20 Championship 2023, hosted in South Africa in June to enable further evaluation. The trial will be based on the following principles:

  • Clear and obvious red cards for foul play involving contact with the head will receive a red card resulting in the player being permanently being removed from the game and unable to be replaced
  • For any incident where a red card is not obvious, a yellow card will be issued and dedicated foul play reviewers in a central bunker review the incident using all available technology and footage
  • Once 10 minutes has elapsed, the yellow card is either upheld and the player returns to the action or it is upgraded and the player permanently leaves the field, unable to be replaced

Consideration will be given to furthering the trial in the test arena ahead of Rugby World Cup 2023 in France if the trial is deemed successful and further adoption is supported by the elite rugby stakeholders, including importantly match officials, players, unions and competitions.

For clarity, orange cards and 20 minute red cards will not feature at the World Rugby U20 Championship.

“Horror draw” – England get pool of death in revised World Cup draw

The recently released World Rugby Rankings highlight the absurdity of the Pool Draw for the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023, which was determined three years in advance and appears to be heavily skewed.

In response to criticism, World Rugby has announced that future pool draws for the Rugby World Cup will be conducted closer to the start of the tournament, as the current practice of relying on team rankings at the time of the draw is deemed unfair.

According to a report by the Mirror, World Rugby will make changes to the pool draw process for the 2027 edition.

“World Rugby said it is able to make the change because of a new ‘hosting model’ that sees the international federation create collaborations with the host union,” the report read.

“The top of the men’s Test game has never been more competitive,” the spokesperson added. “There has never been so much movement over a two-year period.


“Bearing that in mind and noting the format of four pools of five teams, there is arguably no perfect time for a draw.”

As a result, the guys over at Eggchasers Rugby put together their own drawer the 2023 tournament based on the current World Rugby rankings.

Concentrating on only the top 10 countries in the world, it looks significant.

It was very different with England handed a much sterner test in their pool. Watch the full video here.

POOL A actual draw:

  • France
  • New Zealand

POOL A up to date draw

  • France
  • Australia