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RFU announce they will review women’s league structure

England Rugby has announced it will be undertaking a review of the women’s level 2 league, Championship 1 (north and south), as part of the RFU’s ongoing commitment to strengthen the women’s game at all levels.

The review will look to establish the purpose and objective of Championship 1 rugby in the context of the wider women’s game.

An essential element of the review is also to gain a clear understanding of the needs and desires of both players and clubs who participate in the competition.

The review will include direct consultation with all 16 clubs that form part of the competition alongside an individual player survey for all those registered in the league. The review will conclude at the end of March 2018.

“We are committed to strengthening the women’s game at all levels,” said Director of Professional Rugby Nigel Melville.


“The Tyrrells Premier 15s competition is an important step forward in raising the standard of the women’s rugby and also to bridge the gap between the club and international game.

“Next step is to review Championship 1 and identify how the league can not only support Tyrrells Premier 15s in the long term but also continue to support the growth of talent through the game.”


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