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RFU reveal the hunt for Eddie Jones successor has begun

RFU Director of Rugby Nigel Melville has revealed that their search to find a successor for Eddie Jones has already begun.

Jones, who has always said he will step down after the 2019 Rugby World Cup, has led England to back-to-back Six Nations triumphs as well as impressive series victories in both Argentina and Australia.


Melville stated that the ‘perfect’ candidate should have overseas experience but added that he wouldn’t rule out respected Premiership trio Mark McCall, Rob Baxter and Dai Young.

“Its underway and, first, you work out how many English coaches have we go? What are their roles? Where are they now?” said Melville.

“You start to look closely at their performance and that’s what we’re doing at entry level now; they’re all documented and we follow coaches on a weekly basis. In fact, some of our coaches are working overseas at the moment.

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“Has Rob Baxter? No, he hasn’t had a great deal of experience away, bu t he went with England to Argentina a few years ago and may in future go away with team abroad.

“We’re trying to work with Premiership rugby about giving coaches experience and have done it at U20 level, but time is limited and the season is long.

“A lot of coaches do go searching for more information and more development by visiting Super Rugby teams but people need a break at some point.”


Melville added: “Nobody’s ruled out. Every coach’s journey is different. Mark McCall, Dai Young, Rob Baxter… they’ve all been on different journey’s but they’re all competing at the top together.

“The reason they’re successful is because they’re developing their own path and that’s something we’ll also be taking closely into account.”



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