RUCK Classics: Top 24 best Honey Badger quotes of all-time

Best Honey Badger quotes. Australian rugby player Nick Cummins is known for his colourful language — here are some of his best quotes.
Best Honey Badger Quotes

1. “The flamboyant French? They look all right. They have a good style about them with their hairdos. I might take a few pointers and go to a stylist to sort myself out. A few of the boys tell me I look a bit ordinary at times.”

2. “Sweatin’ like a gypsy with a mortgage, actually.”

3. “My old man woke me up in the morning. He was going off like a bag of cats.”

4. “I’m gonna have a truckload of pudding and uh, old mum’s good on the cook too so, dad’s got the tucker ready over there and mum and dad are gonna work together and form a massive feed and err, I’m gonna come in and dominate it.”

5. “Last year we were all sizzle and no steak, but now we’re off like a brides nightie.”

6. “When you come into this sort of game you’ve got to show the patience of the Dalai Lama initially in order to get that gig and when it comes round be ready to strike. Tonight, unfortunately, wasn’t the night for us.”