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Rugby stars send messages of encouragement after young player trolled online

Rugby legends have been responding to show their support for under-12s rugby player Alfie after he was been the target of online trolls.

As a result, from something so horrible came something quite lovely as the world of rugby, as only it can rallied around him and sent him some truly inspirational messages of support.

See some of the best ones below.

Nigel Owens wrote: “Alfie mate, you keep enjoying the rugby. Always try your best, but always enjoy it. Your doing well keep going. I’ll come along to ref one of your games one day and will look forward to it. Keep smiling my friend.”

David Flatman said: “Alfie lots of us had the same things said about us mate. It’s not nice, but remember these comments are made by people who aren’t in a good place and they do it to make themselves feel better. It never works! Keep playing hard mate. Keep enjoying it!”

Jerome Kaino: “Hey Alfie, you keep having loads of fun & working hard mate, our beautiful game is for ALL genders, people from ALL walks of life & also ALL shapes & sizes, keep that smile on your face brother & keep up the awesome work.”

World Rugby said: “Hey Alfie, rugby is an amazing sport and as long as you are having fun, that’s all that matters Wherever rugby takes you, enjoy every minute, keep working hard and know you have a lot of people supporting you all the way”

Liam Williams said: “Alfie, keen working kid! As long as you’re enjoying it, that’s all that matters!!”

Agustin Creevy said: “Alfie my friend, keep enjoying what makes you happy. You have a huge team behind you that needs you. Those who understand rugby are those who have fun and make friends, so you’re on the right track.”

Brian Moore said: “You keep playing Alfie; I know it’s hard to ignore the bad comments but they come from idiots who try to make themselves feel better by running down other people.”

Jonathan Davies said: “Hi Alfie, ignore the idiots. They told me I was to small to play. Enjoy every game and training, you’ll make friends for life.”

Richard Hibbard said: “Alfie mate, take it from one of the bigger lads here. We are the ones they most scared of. Keep it going pal, love the game and your mates! That’s all that matters pal.”

Freddie Burns said: “Keep smiling and enjoying your rugby Alfie. I’d have you on my team any day of the week!”

Alex Corbisiero said: “Hi mark, please show this to Alfie, I heard very similar things when I was younger, Alfie keep working hard, you will have the last laugh and I promise this experience will make you a better person later in your life. Keep smiling”

Louis Rees-Zammit said: “Alfie keep going and enjoy it mate! Don’t listen to any of those idiots that say mean stuff and yes I want to see you at a Gloucester game ASAP let me know when you’re keen.”


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