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RUMOUR | New favourite to sign Nick Tompkins emerges

4. Callum Braley

Never one to follow trends, but instead start his own, Italy scrum-half Callum Braley has Pumba the Micro Pig. The two-year-old pet loves going for walks on his lead, chomping on banana chips and cuddles on the sofa.

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Well my suspicions were correct.. the new kid on the block turns up and suddenly they’re ‘too busy’ to help me write an insta post 🤨🤷🏼‍♀️ don’t tell them I said this but he’s actually pretty cute and I totally get his drift when he screams the house down just cause he’s hungry.. my sort of guy 😏 anyway.. the pigrents assure me they’ve sussed the little screaming hooman enough to help me with regular insta posts again😎 🙌🏼 so soz about the lack of posts.. all their fault … but im BAAAACCCKKK 😎😎😎 p.s if they think these ‘pig rides’ are going to become a thing they can sod off ☝🏼 . . #pig #piglet #minipig #micropig #baby #newbaby #screams #all #the #time #dog #dalmatian #cute #animals #animalfriends

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