RWC2015 Team of the Tournament Nominees: Loose-head Prop

RWC2015 Team of the Tournament Nominees: Loose-head Prop

We’ve been fortunate enough to see some absolute fantastic scrummaging, but which one these loosehead props has been your number one? Comment below with your vote! 

Scott Sio
Games Played: 6
Tackles: 40
Tackle Success Rate: 93%
Turnovers Won: 2
Tries: 0
Carries Over Gain Line: 11
Moment of the Tournament: Spearheading Australia’s thirteen man defensive effort against Wales.

Scott Sio played an integral part in Australia’s journey to the final. After a mesmerising defensive display against Wales, Sio went on to keep Scotland at bay, but missed the semi-final showdown with South Africa through injury. His 93% tackle success rate speaks for itself; he also chipped in with two turnovers during the tournament. Sio received a great deal of praise for his part in Australia’s 15-6 victory over Wales, as they fought thirteen against fifteen for ten minutes on the field without conceding a try. He also carried the ball over the gain line 11 times.

Mihaita Lazar
Games Played: 4
Tackles: 18
Tackle Success Rate: 90%
Turnovers Won: 3
Tries: 0
Carries Over Gain Line: 7
Moment of the Tournament: Romania’s last gasp win over Canada.

Despite playing for rugby minnows Romania, Mihaita Lazar matched the big guns in every department during the tournament. A tackle success rate of 90% stands up against the likes of Scott Sio, Gethin Jenkins and Marcos Ayzera. He won three turnovers in just four appearances, and carried the ball over the gain line seven times. Lazar defended with his life for most of the tournament and stopped Romania being on the end of several whitewashes. He’s the underdog in this list but he sure rattled the big guns, and has staked his own claim for the loosehead position.

Marcos Ayzera
Games Played: 5
Tackles: 35
Tackle Success Rate: 88%
Turnovers Won: 0
Tries: 0
Carries Over Gain Line: 5
Moment of the Tournament: Keeping Ireland at bay in the quarter-final.

Marcos Ayzera is one of Argentina’s veterans but on the pitch he couldn’t be anymore different. The Puma’s stalwart had a very impressive tournament and played a vital role in gaining Argentina’s second semi-final appearance. He made 35 tackles throughout the tournament with 88% of those successful. His tackle success rate isn’t as impressive compared to the likes of Sio or Lazar but his raw passion and power excels that of his counterparts. He may not appear at the next World Cup considering he is 32 years old, but he has written himself into Argentinian rugby history.

Gethin Jenkins
Games Played: 3
Tackles: 27
Tackle Success Rate: 84%
Turnovers Won: 5
Tries: 0
Carries Over Gain Line: 3
Moment of the Tournament: Defending for his life against England in the group stages.

Gethin Jenkins had an impressive World Cup considering how little he featured for Wales. He only appeared in three games, playing England, Fiji and South Africa. He secured 5 turnovers in 3 games, and was a very important part in Wales defying the odds and beating England in their own backyard. He has been ever-present for Wales at the number one position and he continued to impress fans and pundits alike. His tackle success rate at 84% isn’t as impressive as his four counterparts in this list, but his three impressive performances in a Welsh jersey places him in this list, no questions asked.

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