Sam WARBURTON defends a cause very close to his heart

Our favourite tweet of the day was rugby legend Sam Warburton going to bat for everyone’s favourite sandwich shell, bread ,in a brilliant Twitter outburst.

The former Lions captain was tweeting about his low-fat bacon buttie when a fan responded, insulting what is one of the British favourites.

But the ex-flanker bit back with a response that had all sandwich lovers cheering him on.

He tweeted: “Average person would consume 150-200g of carbohydrate a day (conservative) never mind an Athlete.

“Two slices of bread contains just 30g. Average person requires 1500-2000 calories a day. Two slices of bread contains around 200 calories. Eating good bread is ok!!”

Sam’s Sport Active High Protein White is a high protein and high fibre white loaf, while with over 12g of protein per two slices (13.8% per 100g), Sam’s Sport Active High Protein Prograin is an 800g loaf with sunflower seeds, linseed, rye, barley and maize.


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