Scotland boss Gregor Townsend has spent the day learning from 'the best' - Ruck

Scotland boss Gregor Townsend has spent the day learning from ‘the best’

Scotland rugby union head coach Gregor Townsend has been spending time today with a  renowned Premier League boss.

Townsend spent today with Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, watching the to-times Premier League champions training.

England boss Eddie Jones has also spent time with Spaniard, descriving after how it made him a better coach.

“It changed the way I coach,” said Jones.

“Pep was out there running the session and speaking in four or five different languages telling guys like (Arjen) Robben what to do.

“It was just really enlightening how hard they worked in that 20 minutes and how he was embedding his philosophy on that team and how the players had bought into it.

“I remember them coming off and they had sweat pouring off them. I have watched many football teams train and they were down here and he was up there.

“It definitely changed the way that I coach. I work the players a lot harder now.”

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Jones and Guardiola also share an obsession with finding space on the field on the play.

“I was really impressed by the way that he had looked at other sports to find ways to create space,” added Jones.

“Not only football but European handball, Aussie rules, rugby union, they are all trying to create space and find space. You can never learn enough about that.”

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