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Scotland confirm Peter Vardy Group as new Principal Partner

Scottish Rugby has confirmed the Peter Vardy Group as a Principal Partner and new front of shirt sponsor for the Scotland national team in a 4-year deal commencing in the summer of 2021.  

The new partnership begins this summer when the 2021/22 season team kit, designed by Macron, is launched which will be the first to feature Peter Vardy’s name and logo. 

Peter Vardy will also be the back of shirt sponsor for Scotland 7s from the 2021/22 season and the broad ranging deal also encompasses becoming the Edinburgh Rugby car partner, with branding also included on the capital pro-team kit.  

The Peter Vardy Group is a Scottish family run automotive business, consisting of a motor retailer with 15 dealerships representing marques such as Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, MINI, Vauxhall, its own brand used car supermarkets, CARZ, and a classic car dealership, Peter Vardy Heritage. 

CarMoney is the Group’s online finance broker and another Group business, SilverBullet, is a software provider to the UK automotive industry.  

In another significant move which underlines its ambitious growth plans, the Peter Vardy Group has also, this week, launched its new car leasing business, Peter Vardy Leasing.  

PURPOSE: Peter Vardy Group

The Peter Vardy Group’s purpose is “We Sell to Give”, with 10% of the Group’s annual profits going directly to the Peter Vardy Foundation which support children and young people across the UK and worldwide.

They were previously Scottish Rugby’s car partner between 2014-2017, and now moves to become one of Scottish Rugby’s Principal Partners.  

“We have long been keen supporters of Scottish Rugby, both commercial and as fans and I believe we share similar values. We have built our business on passion, ambition, courage, and we see that lived out by these fantastic athletes every time they pull on that blue jersey. We are incredibly proud that our brand will be recognised with our national team. 

“Commercially, of course, it is a fantastic opportunity to promote our brands across the UK and globally; over 8 million people watched the recent Scotland versus England game – that level of exposure is massive for us. 

“Coming off the back of some exceptional performances from Scotland in the Six Nations, we are really excited about what the future holds for Scottish Rugby and now as Principal Partner we look forward to working together”.


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