Scotland international retires with immediate effect aged 29 - Ruck

Scotland international retires with immediate effect aged 29

Scotland forward David Denton has been forced to retire from rugby on the advice of doctors.

The 29-year-old, who only played six games for Tigers after signing a three-year-deal, told The Times that a neurosurgeon wasn’t comfortable with him continuing to play.

Speaking about receiving the news, Denton said: “There were mixed emotions.”

“Part of it was relief. I have had this hanging over me for a long time.

“Since the injury I have woken up every morning with pressure in my head, visual disturbances and not really knowing what is going on.

“Pretty much for that whole time I’ve been assuming that next week, I will be better.

“Every time I tried to go through the comeback protocol, I’d fail. I’ve tried everything but nothing’s worked.


“Over the last couple of months, as I felt this coming closer, I had convinced myself that I was fine with it. But as it got closer my symptoms started to get worse.

“Subconsciously I was getting more and more worked up. At least now I know where I stand.

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