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Scotland player was banned from Twickenham after scrap with Owen Farrell

#3. James Haskell

The pair have what we can only describe as a love-hate relationship. As legendary as the ‘best mates’ videos were during the 2016 tour of Australia, Farrell certainly didn’t seem to be enjoying it.

#4. Faf de Klerk

Farrell and De Klerk ended up at arm’s length from each other in 2018 during their summer tour just before the 20-minute mark and the rest of the two sides quickly joined in.

The pair have since clashes on multiple occasions, including during the World Cup final a year later. Klerk is clearly someone who gets under the England skippers skin and their appears to be little love lost between the pair.

Speaking about the pair, Tom Curry said they are ‘very different characters’.

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This extraordinary feat is as scarce as they come, with only 20 players accomplishing the remarkable three-try milestone since the Championship expanded to six nations in 2000.

Notably, a couple of players have even pulled off this astonishing feat twice, adding an extra layer of prestige to their rugby prowess.

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