Scotland reportedly ready to buy stake in Premiership club

It’s been reported by The Times that the Scottish Rugby Union is keen to get a foothold in the Premiership and are pursuing the possibility of buying a share of a club.

The SRU had considered buying Worcester Warriors but have now set their sights closer to home with Newcastle Falcons, who currently have three players in the Scotland squad.

They’ve reportedly already begun the process of sounding out the Falcons with a view of buying up to 20 per cent share of the club.


A bid for a share of Newcastle is thought to have a greater chance of success than their Worcester project.

With only two teams north of the border, Edinburgh and Glasgow, the governing body is looking to boost their playing base.

However, Falcons owner Semore Kurdi has downplayed but not ruled out the possibility.

“What we are talking about is marriage and we haven’t even gone on a first date yet,” he revealed to The Times.

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