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Sergio Parisse reveals why he doesn’t want his son to play rugby

Italy legend Sergio Parisse believes the game has become unbalanced after revealing his wife doesn’t want their son to play rugby.

The 36-year-old was particularly affected by the death of 19-year-old Nicolas Chauvin while at his former club, Stade Francais, the result of a massive double-hit in a tackle.

“My wife does not want our son to play rugby,” said Parisse, who was speaking to The Telegraph.

And the legend went onto support his wives point of view.

“These days for young players it is all about being really physical, lifting weights, being strong.


“Of course, rugby is a contact sport and must be hard but what about finding space or giving a pass?

” We have lost some of the beauty, distorted the balance in the game.”

Wise words.  

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