"Sh** Richie McCaw" - Six of The Best Rugby Sledges of All Time - Ruck

“Sh** Richie McCaw” – Six of The Best Rugby Sledges of All Time

Rugby is a sport where engaging in banter with the opposition is considered quite normal. Similarly, sledging a batsman is widely accepted in cricket.

When you step onto a rugby field on a weekend, be prepared for some playful banter from the opposing team.

The good news is that most of these interactions are lighthearted and filled with humor. In fact, there are numerous amusing rugby sledges that you can employ to infiltrate your opponent’s mind.

By exploring remarkable instances from rugby history alongside exceptional rugby sledges, this post delves into the realm of psychological warfare, highlighting its potential to yield a significant advantage.


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1. Who are you?

A young player was making his Premiership debut at scrum-half. He was playing against Andy Gomersall. He tried to be funny at the first scrum and said to Gomersall “don’t hurt your back putting the ball in, old man”. He retorted “I would give you some abuse, but I have no idea who the f@*k you are!”