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“Show pony” – Fans Have Ranked The Top 5 Most Overrated Rugby Players

In an era defined by sensationalism and exaggerated media coverage in the world of sports, it’s undeniable that some athletes find themselves in the spotlight, garnering more attention and acclaim than their actual performance merits.

In the realm of sports, our loyalty to particular teams often leads us to champion their players with a fervor usually reserved for our closest kin.

However, in the interest of objectivity, we’ve set aside these allegiances to compile a list of the Rugby World Cup’s top five players who, according to fans, may have received more accolades than their on-field contributions warrant.

#5. Manu Tuilagi (England)

Opinions on Manu Tuilagi are sharply divided. While some fans believe he’s overrated and past his prime, others recall his explosive abilities as a destructive center in Northern Hemisphere rugby, although his recent performances have left them wanting more.

Manu Tuilagi of Sale Sharks during the Gallagher Premiership Rugby Final Match between Saracens and Sale Sharks at Twickenham Stadium on 27 May 2023. Photo: Tom Sandberg/PPAUK

One fan wrote: “Tuilagi is the most overrated England rugby player of the last decade, and maybe even longer. Why we’re still persisting with him, God knows.”

Another said: “Sadly, Manu. His reputation far outstrips the reality. He was probably the most destructive centre in NH rugby. Not any more.”


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