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Simulation Reveals the Outcome of a 100m Race Between Jonah Lomu and Usain Bolt

How would rugby legend Jonah Lomu fare in a 100m race against the legendary Usain Bolt?

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The late great Jonah Lomu was for a time the world’s fastest rugby player – but how would he fare in a 100m race against the legendary Usain Bolt.

A study from October 1998 found that Lomu was the world’s fastest player, clocking a top speed of 10.6 metres per second.

This reportedly equates to around 22.3mph. Pretty speedy, right?

But does this mean he could give Bolt, the fastest man in history, a run for his money in a 100m sprint?

Jonah Lomu vs Usain Bolt: Who would win 100m race? 

Lomu was far from your average human – so would the All Blacks legend stand a better chance against the Jamaican icon?

Based on his top speeds, his 100m time has been calculated.

#2. Jonah Lomu – 10.82 seconds

#1, Usain Bolt – 9.58 seconds

Top 10 Fastest Rugby Players of All Time: Jonny May Makes the List

From electrifying sprints down the pitch to stunning tries, the sport has witnessed numerous rapid players who have left defenders trailing behind.

Although the idea of settling the debate about the fastest players with a head-to-head race is an exciting fantasy, the reality of retired athletes and different eras makes such a showdown unlikely.

Nevertheless, we can still explore the thrilling journey of discovering some of the speed demons who have graced the rugby field.

Note: Sevens players are not included in this list.

10. Jonny May – England – 10.71 seconds (100m)

England’s Jonny May isn’t just fast; he’s a force to be reckoned with. Clocking in at an impressive 10.71 seconds over 100 meters, May’s lightning speed has made him a formidable presence on the pitch. With an ever-growing prowess in finishing, May’s name often finds itself at the forefront of Eddie Jones’ team selections.

9. Cheslin Kolbe – South Africa – 10.70 seconds (100m)

Cheslin Kolbe’s speed is the stuff of legend. A product of South Africa’s rugby system, Kolbe blazed through school with a staggering 10.70-second 100-meter time. Today, he’s even faster, making him a nightmare for opposition defences.

8. Jonah Lomu – New Zealand – 10.70 seconds (100m)

Jonah Lomu wasn’t just a rugby player; he was a phenomenon. Despite his imposing stature, Lomu possessed the speed of a sprinter, clocking in at 10.70 seconds over 100 meters. His sheer power and pace redefined the winger position, leaving a lasting legacy in the annals of rugby history.

7. Doug Howlett – New Zealand – 10.68 seconds (100m)

Doug Howlett’s name is synonymous with speed. As a former All Black and Blues sensation, Howlett’s blistering pace, evidenced by his 10.68-second 100-meter dash, made him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Whether in international or Super Rugby arenas, Howlett’s speed was a weapon to be feared.

6. Jason Robinson – England – 10.68 seconds (100m)

Jason Robinson’s agility and pace were simply unparalleled. With the ability to leave defenders in his dust, Robinson’s electrifying runs often ended with him crossing the try line. A true dual-threat in both league and union, Robinson’s 10.68-second 100-meter time solidifies his place among rugby’s fastest.