Sir Clive Woodward responds to claims England Rugby World Cup heroes used ‘fake blood’

Former England head coach Sir Clive Woodward has rejected claims that his 2003 side cheated during their Rugby World Cup success.

In a document, uncovered by a documentary on talkSPORT , Richards said: “The use of fake blood, cutting players, re-opening wounds, feigning injury in the front row, jabbing players with anaesthetic all occur regularly throughout the game.”

Richards’ observation noted: “Rugby World Cup 2003. England used faked blood to manage replacements.”

oodward, writing in The Times, has refuted the claims that his 2003 heroes were involved in a similar practice.

“We won every match in Australia. Why would we want to cheat? This is simply not true.

“I am not sure why Dean raised this. I have never been involved in anything like this. It is ridiculous.”


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