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Sir Ian McGeechan ranks the 10 best rugby wingers of all-time

7. Bryan Habana (South Africa)

South Africa’s sprinting sensation left a trail of defenders in his wake, setting numerous records and etching his name in rugby’s annals.

McGeechan said: “Equal record-holder with Lomu on number of RWC tries. Very powerful and if you get him to within 5m of the line, he probably scores more tries than anyone else.”

6. John Kirwan (New Zealand)

McGeechan said: “Made such an impression at the first Rugby World Cup in 1987. He was one of the first big wingers but he could also score tries from 60m out. He maybe did not have a great sidestep but his running angles were superb.”

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5. Jason Robinson (England)

England’s dynamic finisher brought blistering pace and versatility to the wing, transitioning seamlessly from rugby league to union with grace.

McGeechan said: “He made such an impact on the game when moving from rugby league. He had dazzling feet that meant he so often beat the first defender and, like most top wingers, you could play off him as well as him being such a devastating finisher.”

4. Jeff Wilson (New Zealand)

McGeechan said: “Just a brilliant rugby player with vision and skill. I really enjoyed watching him. He played international cricket too and it backs up my belief that so many of the best players play different sports.”