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Sir Ian McGeechan ranks the 10 best rugby wingers of all-time

3. Gerald Davies (Wales)

The Welsh wing maestro was a master of balance and poise, gracing the game with his timeless elegance and unmatched finesse.

McGeechan said: “He was so skilful, and could play centre as well, and had a wonderful sidestep. You knew that if you provided him with some space he would beat not just one defender, but two or three.”

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2. David Campese (Australia)

The Australian maverick was known for his audacious play, combining vision and flair to light up rugby pitches with his unique style.

McGeechan said: “He was another game-changer: different but clever. He won games for Australia on his own and often gave his country a confidence about their rugby that they did not always have before.”

1. Jonah Lomu (New Zealand)

The mighty New Zealander’s thunderous runs and sheer power struck fear into the hearts of defenders worldwide, making him an iconic figure in rugby history.

McGeechan said: “He simply changed the game and drew non-rugby people to watch the sport. He arrived at a time when professionalism was imminent and his impact, both on the field and off it as a rugby superstar, is still felt now.”

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