Six Nations 2019 prize money: How much will each team win? Why does England get more?

SIX NATIONS rugby is back, so how much will each of the competing teams win during the 2019 tournament?

Based on 2017 figures, the £100million prize pot will be split into appearance and performance payments – with 75 per cent being shared equally between the six teams.

Now this is where it gets complicated…

The following 10 per cent is allocated according to the size of each side’s respective unions, with England receiving £4m, France £3.5m and everyone else a measly £600,000.

The remaining 15 per cent of the prize fund is distributed depending on where each nation finishes in the final standings, with a Grand Slam win worth a cool £5.5m.

Grand Slam: £5.5m

2nd: £3.3m

3rd: £2.3m

4th: £1.8m

5th: £1.3m

6th: £800,000

If no team manages to go throughout the tournament undefeated, the winner’s fund is decreased by £1m and every other team earns an extra £200,000.

Confused? Click through to see how much each country is guaranteed.

6. Italy – £15.6 million

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