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Six Nations may move to April under proposal from Bill Beaumont

  • Bill Beaumont is set to move the Six Nations back to April and the summer tours back to July
  • The former RFU and Six Nations chairman is looking to match up the northern and south hemisphere schedules
  • Beaumont also all but ruled out relegation from the Six Nations
Bill Beaumont, the new chairman of World Rugby, will put pressure on the Six Nations to move the tournament back a month as he embarks on an ambitious plan to establish the framework for a new global season by the end of this year.

The former England captain was elected unanimously yesterday and he will serve as chairman for four years, with Agustín Pichot, the former Argentina scrum half and a progressive rugby politician, as his deputy.

Beaumont was chairman of Six Nations Rugby Ltd for the past four years, and their chief executive John Feehan said back in January that keeping the tournament in its traditional February-March slot was “non-negotiable”.

But Beaumont says there may have to be compromise in the north and south.

“The game has changed undoubtedly, and you have got to keep moving,” he told The Times. “I think you have got to be prepared to look at it. That could well be a solution. Everyone has to take a look at it.

“I know John [Feehan] will probably be quite reluctant to do so. It’s a question of compromise.”

Moving the Six Nations back a month would mean summer tours by the northern nations to the south would be moved back to July instead of June.

The southern hemisphere nations are keen on this so that the tours cause less disruption to the Super Rugby season.

Regarding the idea of promotion and relegation from the Six Nations, Beaumont – the former RFU and Six Nations chairman – all but ruled it out. “The Six Nations is an entity with equal shareholders so it is not an easy fix regarding promotion and relegation.”

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