Six Nations reveal findings after George North bite complaint - Ruck

Six Nations reveal findings after George North bite complaint

There was no evidence of Wales wing George North being bitten during his fixture against France according to Six Nations officials.

North went to referee Wayne Barnes with a complaint of a bite on his arm with Barnes finding no sign of it during the match.


Match citing commissioner John Montgomery had until Monday to find evidence of the incident but was unable to find any.

The tournament released a statement after game about their findings.

“The independent citing commissioner present at the France v Wales match on March 18, 2017 has carefully reviewed all relevant evidence regarding all relevant incidents, including the allegation that Wales winger, George North, was bitten in the latter stages of the match.


“Based on the information available to him in the case of the alleged bite (including footage of the incident from several angles), the citing commissioner has not been able to conclude that any particular individual carried out an act of foul play, and accordingly he has not made a citing complaint ahead of the ordinary deadline for doing so, ie within 48 hours after the conclusion of the match.

“While the relevant rules provide that in certain circumstances, for example where the citing commissioner is uncertain as to the identity of the player(s) concerned, he is permitted to make a citing complaint after the 48-hour deadline, Six Nations Rugby anticipates that this will be the end of the matter in terms of the alleged bite.”