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STATEMENT: World Rugby confirms five new laws

World Rugby has announced that five law trials that have been in effect for the past year will be made permanent from 1 July.

The global governing body said in a statement on Thursday that the laws were approved “with welfare advancement in mind”.

“Rugby’s laws are fundamental to its accessibility, appeal and safety. It is our mission to ensure that the laws are the best that they can be for everyone playing the game and the approval of these laws following detailed evaluation and widespread consultation, underscores that commitment,” World Rugby chairperson Bill Beaumont said.

“I would like to thank every player, coach and medic at every level for participating and providing feedback on this trial – your views are important to us and we will continue to consult with you as we work together to cement rugby as the most progressive sport on player welfare.”

Meanwhile, World Rugby added that the “scrum brake foot” – which was trialled in the Six Nations – will move from a closed to global trial, meaning it will also feature at the men’s and women’s Rugby World Cups in 2022 and 2023.

The official laws are:

– 50:22

This is a brief explanation of rugby union’s 50:22 law by Wayne Barnes, explained with the help of some talented Pokémon.


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