'Stick your journey up your f***ing jacksie!' - Phil Vickery slams Eddie Jones - Page 3 of 3 - Ruck

‘Stick your journey up your f***ing jacksie!’ – Phil Vickery slams Eddie Jones

11. Ben Cohen – Not for his dancing! He was one of the first wings to focus a lot on the high ball and he loved to get stuck in – he was more like a back rower. Always looking for work and never let you down.

12. Jason Little – Top centre for Australia. You watched shadows for a lot of the game – you knew he was on the pitch but you never saw him, he was that good.

13. Brian O’Driscoll – He was world class. As a young lad he was fearless and I was lucky to have played with him in 2001 for the Lions. A tremendous player.

14. Jason Robinson – One of my favourite memories was  Jason scoring the first try in the first Lions Test in 2001. He was great fun to be around, he worked hard and he loved his rugby.

15. Matt Perry – We started playing for England at the same time and I never played with a guy so fearless. His catching superb and he also had a great boot.

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