Stuart Hogg accused of lambasting All Black star Sonny Bill Williams

Scotland fullback Stuart Hogg has lambasted Sonny Bill Williams for not caring about New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup exit.

“If you’re in that situation you don’t care enough… you’ve got to care about your own performance, you’ve got to care about your team’s performance and you’ve got to care about the environment you’re in,” the 27-year-old told the UK’s Daily Mail .

“I think that ultimately will come out in your performance. If you’re not caring then, ultimately, what’s the point in being there?

“Everybody is different, all the characters, but from my experience of the World Cup, obviously we went out at different stages, but the best thing for me was coming straight to a new club where I could switch off from it,’ he said.


“For me, I think Sonny Bill’s mind is off it for other reasons and I think he’s pretty happy with what’s going to be in his bank account by the sounds of it.

“I love everything he’s done, but I’ve always found that he’s always in the biggest competitions possible.

“You look at him and he’s gone to the Rugby World Cup, then went to a Rugby League World Cup, then went to another Rugby World Cup, then did boxing, tried to go to the Olympics, this that and the other.”

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