Stunning new compilation of Jonny Wilkinson's World Cup drop-goals has gone viral - Ruck

Stunning new compilation of Jonny Wilkinson’s World Cup drop-goals has gone viral

World Rugby has looked back at every one of Jonny Wilkinson’s record-breaking 14 drop-goals for England across four Rugby World Cups.


8 things you didn’t know about Jonny Wilkinson

1. Sporting family

Wilkinson’s brother, Mark, was also a Newcastle player who made 16 appearances in the Premiership for the side between 2002 and 2005, predominantly as a centre. His father, Phil, was a rugby player and cricketer, and his mother, Philippa, played squash at county level.  His grandfather, Phil, also played football for Norwich.

2. Where does he live now?

“Berkshire, with my wife, Shelley, and our toddler. We’re fortunate to live in a lovely house in a great area surrounded by nice people, but we’re leaning towards moving somewhere more rural as we both love the outdoors, nature and space. We enjoy going for long walks. Windsor Great Park is a joy.”