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A Super Heroes Rugby XV | From the Hulk to Spider-Man, a real super team!


Despite his blindness, Daredevil could control and sense opposing danger better than any other. What he lacks in sight he more than makes up for in self-taught skill and heightened senses, allowing him to have better control of the game.

Scrum-half: ROBIN

Loyal and quick to argue, Robin communicates well. Being the smallest player selected, he can fit under legs to dig out the ball, making him an ideal nine. No bat-nipples on his shirt though…we hope.


Being 6ft 10 and huge in size and strength, he will make an ideal prop in both set piece and open play…his intteligence may let him down though.

Hooker: THOR

His throwing ability, strength and endurance will allow him to be great around the park, fulfilling the modern day hooker who is commonly seen as a fourth Backrow…worst comes to worst he can just hit people with his hammer.


Relatively short at 6ft but weighing in at over 500 pounds, The Thing will be strong in scrums and when ball carrying…the perfect prop.


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